Grooming Tips

Brush your pet thoroughly every day. This helps keep his or her hair in good condition by removing dirt, spreading the natural oils throughout the coat, preventing tangles from forming and keeping the skin clean and free from irritation.

It is best to start brushing your pet at an early age. Proceed slowly and gently, and be sure to use treats and plenty of praise to make the experience fun!

Ear care is an important part of grooming. Ear infections can not only be painful, but lead to permanent hearing loss. The signs of a problem with a companion animal's ears include redness, constant scratching, head shaking and odor.  If the problem persists, talk to your vet.

Chronic ear problems are often times the result of a food allergy.  Check the ingredients on the label of your dog's food and try feeding a food with a different grain or protein source.  Foods made with fish and sweet potatoes are sometimes a good alternative.

Cleaning Your Pet's Ears:  Check your dog's ears twice per month. The skin inside and on the flaps should be pale pink. If there is a foul odor and/or any red, brown or black skin, have a veterinarian examine your pet's ears.  Moisten a cotton ball with warm water or a little mineral oil and use it to clean the opening into the canal and the flaps. Do not probe too deeply into the canal.

Dogs and cats can get cavities and develop periodontal disease, so their teeth should be cleaned with a pet toothpaste at least twice per week. It is best to use a small toothbrush that has soft bristles. Cleanings performed by a veterinarian may also be required.

Many people prefer to leave this to the groomer, but if you choose to trim your dog's nails at home, the pliers style is the best kind of nail clipper to use.  Trim just a small amount at a time being careful not to cut the quick.

It is a good idea to have styptic powder on hand to stop any bleeding should you cut into the quick.

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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.