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Keeping Your Pet Well Groomed and Clean

Keeping Your Pet Well Groomed and Clean

Part of caring for a dog or cat is making sure they are kept well-groomed. If you require help with mobile pet Bathing, contact Dogfather Mobile to make an appointment. Read on to learn reasons a pet needs bathing, how to do the process at home, and what our service does to provide your pet with optimal grooming.

Why A Pet Needs To Be Bathed

If you do not take the time to bathe your pet, their appearance will be unkempt. Their fur becomes matted as debris sticks to it. These snarls and knots are usually hard to remove the longer they remain in a pet's coat. Your pet may have an odor. Routine bathing sessions will keep these scenarios from occurring. There are also instances where immediate bathing is required. This includes if your pet gets sprayed by a skunk, comes into contact with a chemical agent, or gets into garbage. 

How To Bathe Your Pet At Home

If your pet needs fast bathing, you can try to do the process at home. Fill your tub or sink with several inches of warm water. Use a shower head to dampen your pet's fur and lather it with shampoo afterward. Rinse well. It is important to dry your pet after their bath is completed.

What Our Mobile Pet Bathing Service Does To Help

Some pets do not enjoy being bathed at all. Their owners have difficulty doing the procedure at home, requiring them to contact a mobile pet bathing service to do the honors. Our service prides itself on providing optimal grooming to dogs and cats at competitive prices. Our staff will provide gentle care when bathing, drying, and grooming your dog or cat. 

Call Dogfather Mobile Today!

If your pet needs a grooming session, contact Dogfather Mobile to help. Call our office at 203-907-3226 to learn more about the services we provide and to find out scheduling availability. We are also reachable by texting us directly at 203-231-7694. Reach out today and find out why so many pet owners use us for their pet grooming needs.

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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.